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Oblivion. close. Games. videogame_asset My games. When logged in, you can choose up to 12 games that will be displayed as favourites in this menu. chevron_left. chevron_right . Recently added 25 View all 1,170. Log in to view your list of favourite games. View all games. Mods. Browse all chevron_right; Browse all chevron_right. New chevron_right. Trending chevron_right. Most endorsed chevron. Increases the size of tree/shrub billboards and canopy shadows in the Shivering Isles to 125%/150% for those using Enhanced Vegetation by LprMan. Enhanced Vegetation changes the size of every tree/shrub in the game by altering the game setting fTreeSizeConversion, but LprMan only included billboard (LOD) changes for the flora in Tamriel. This is very noticeable if you're using the 150% version in the Shivering Isles, since all the tiny little tree billboards will turn into. Don't use NMM for Oblivion mods, especially older ones that came out before NMM. Most of the older mods are not correctly packaged for NMM and so won't install correctly. Manually install it or better yet switch to TesModManager or, better still, learn how to use Wrye Bash's installers tab. But don't use NMM for Oblivion, it doesn't work with a huge amount of Oblivion mods Enhanced Vegetation - Shivering Isles: Adjusts Shivering Isles tree shadows/billboards for those using Enhanced Vegetation 125% or 150%. Download and extract the plugin of your choice to Oblivion\Data. Enhanced Water v20: You can skip this mod if you're using Oblivion Reloaded's water. Better looking water. Download and extract the HD esp to Oblivion\Data Post: Enhanced Solitude and Enhanced Solitude Docks; Clipping and Vegetation specifically for the game The Elder Scrolls. Other useful information about this game: For those having CTDs when going outside, I may have figured out the mod that's causing it. Roleplayer's OCD affliction, for those of us with

Enhanced Vegetation. Check Out This Mod. Oblivion shows its age mostly in open areas, as objects in the distance look remarkably bad. But not anymore, thanks to this mod. Enhanced Vegetation gives us improved textures for distant trees and shrubs, offering multiple scaling choices that should suit your needs at all times. And without clogging up your VRAM, since even the highest resolution. Installing Koldorns LOD Noise Replacer, LprMan's Enhanced Vegetation, Ferretmyster's Oblivion Grass Overhaul and Lougian's Ayleid ruins Retexture. After download of LprMan's Enhanced Vegetation.

Enhanced Vegetation [www.nexusmods.com]: une autre façon de modifier la flore ; Enhanced Water [www.nexusmods.com]: rend l'eau plus réaliste ; Falling Leaves [www.nexusmods.com]: permet de faire tomber des feuilles des arbres ; Fantasy NightSky [www.nexusmods.com]: remplace les cieux du soir par des cieux fantaisistes Enhanced Vegetation HiRes Textures IFT Improved Facial Textures Detailed Terrain - main game, SI and shader patch Edited Waterfalls by Kitkat Illumination Within Cathedral Improver UI and HUD: Streamlined HUD Map Loop and Oblivion Logo Replacement Video Keychain Elven Map Redux New Icon for Eye and Crosshair Landscapes and Locations (including new quests): Kvatch Rebuilt Elsweyr - Deserts of.

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Seasonality of enhanced vegetation index (EVI), referenceWorldshaping in Cyrodiil: What Else?

Enhanced Vegetation ist ein Modifier für die gesamte Standard-Vegetation. Die Mod beeinflusst damit selbstverständlich auch die UL, da aber nur die gesetzten Standard-Trees. Damit wird auch im Bereich der UL-Modifikationen ein einheitliches Bild erzeugt, man bekommt also von Vanilla zu UL keine sichtbaren Übergänge, sofern nicht von den UL-Moddern so gewollt. Die verschiedenen Auswahlmöglichkeiten in Vegetationshöhe und Timescaling haben keinerlei Kompatibilitätsprobleme zur Folge. Enhanced Vegetation [125%].esp=1 Grass Overhaul_xUL_Imperial_Isle_patch.esp=1 GrassFix.esp=1 Alluring Potion Bottles v3.esp=1 Alluring Wine Bottles.esp=1 AliveWaters - Slaughterfish Addon.esp=1 SeductiveIdles.esp=1 SpellSinger.esp=1 DLCShiveringIsles Vwalk UOS.esp=1 DLCShiveringIsles Vwalk DG_DS UOS.esp=1 Better Cities Resources Vwalk.esp= This article provides an overview of all the alchemical ingredients available in the vanilla version of Oblivion. Several more ingredients are added by the Shivering Isles expansion, all of which are detailed at its ingredients page.Each of the ingredients has its own page that provides more complete information (see links in the following table) r/oblivion: A subreddit dedicated to mods, screenshots, videos, tactics, news and anything else related to Bethesda's 2006 open world RPG - The Press J to jump to the feed. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. log in sign up. User account menu. 13. Is Oblivion Reloaded compatible with Weather - All Natural and Enhanced Vegetation? Close. 13. Posted by. 4 years. As Omgwtfbbqkitten mentioned, Oblivion Character Overhaul Version 2 is a must-have if you also want to change the ugly faces , for much better faces: Oblivion Character Overhaul Version

Download: Enhanced Vegetation - Plugins v1dot1 and Enhanced Vegetation - High Res Textures v1dot1 Installation: Enhanced Vegetation - Plugins: Check the following Sub-Packages timescale 30 Check the following Esp/m Filter Enhanced Vegetation 100%.esp Enhanced Vegetation - Darker Trunks. Author: Xtudo Version: 1.2 Requirements: TES4LODGe Start Oblivion Launcher, click Data Files, and enable the .esp file(s) (if any were installed). Klicke in dieses Feld, um es in vollständiger Größe anzuzeigen. Also einfach Enhanced Vegetation - High Res Textures v1dot1 und Enhanced Vegetation - Plugins v1dot1 in den Oblivion Data Ordner kopieren Oblivion is very much a dated game that is 13 years old now. This guide will help make Oblivion look as good as possible while maintaining a setup that adds to gameplay, stability, and re-playability. This guide's goal was to account for everyone, this includes users that only want a 'fixed' game that includes improvements/fixes and also to. OCOv2 Khajiit not working correctly - posted in Oblivion Mod Troubleshooting: So ive gotten back into oblivion and have done just a simple lightweight graphical overhaul for my game and Im having one small issue with OCOv2 where the Khajiit are keeping their original vanilla head meshes, I tried reinstalling OCO and lowering it in my load order but it doesnt seem to have helped

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  1. Oblivion Clarity 記事の内容 前 Enhanced Vegetationのテクスチャは、遠景の木を近景の見た目に近づけることで、近景と遠景の木の違和感を無くします。テクスチャはLow・Normal・Highの解像度から選択できます。 テクスチャパックごとの使用VRAMは以下の通りです。 Vanilla: 26,7 MB High res: 53,8 MB Normal res: 13.
  2. 「 「Enhanced Vegetation」遠景・近景の木の見た目の違いを減らし、より樹木の迫力を増すMOD」のコメント一覧 みんがー さん これはツボすぎます! さっそくDLしていれてみます:) 2009/07/02 00:10 URL 編集. Airscape さん みんがーさんこんにちは
  3. Hi, I just re-installed Oblivion and I want to make it look pretty and have Widescreen support for my ultra-widescreen monitor. What are the best graphical updates for this game for modern systems? Thank you
  4. 30 Enhanced Vegetation [125%].esp ++ Enhanced Vegetation SI.esp. 31 MidasSpells.esp. 32 Oblivion XP.esp. 33 Oblivion_Character_Overhaul.esp [Version 2.0] ++ NPC Hair Matches Beard.esp . 34 bgMagicEV.esp [Version 1.7EV] ++ bgMagicSpellTomes_for_WryeBash.esp [Version 1.68EV] ++ bgMagicItemSigil.esp [Version 1.68EV] ++ bgMagicEVStartspells.esp [Version 1.68EV] 35 bgMagicBonus.esp [Version 1.7EV.
  5. All the research I've done points towards Enhanced Landscapes or Majestic Mountains, both mods I didn't 't have installed before. I attempted to install those mods, and the associated patches, to no success. I've also ensured that Immersive Citizens loads before both Enhanced Solitude files. I've tried every patch I could find. I've tried regenerated my LOD, on the off chance that fixes the.
  6. So I installed all the TWRP regions I could find, as well as the Morrowind Mod (The Lands of Solstheim and Vvardenfell), and I've noticed a problem with grasses loading on roads, in camps and cities, and other unsuitable locations; however, this is only a problem in the regions outside of Cyrodiil

Oblivion.iniを編集する 別項を参照のこと CSを利用して、oblivion.esmを編集する 1.CSを起動して、読み込みからoblivion.esmを選択し、OKクリック。 ダブルクリックでチェックを入れられるが、妙にレスポンスが悪いときがあるので注意 Natural Vegetation reg and 200%? The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. Mobile PlayStation 3 PSP Xbox 360. Log In to add custom notes to this or any other game

Enhanced Solitude and Enhanced Solitude Docks; Clipping

Storms and Sounds v3.0 vs Weather - All Natural - posted in Oblivion Mod Talk: I have one last concern. It is about the sound function of Weather - All Natural together with Storms & Sound 3.0In the Storms and Sounds v3.0 mod readme file, it says:So this mod:1) Adds weather SOUND when you're in interiors, you'll hear rain, wind but the thing I added compared to Weather Inside is the fact that. Oblivion is full of great quest mods that it's kinda hard to make a good list. So here's a just few recommended choices. If you want to find some more, just look up the top 100 Oblivion quest mods and see for yourself! Kvatch Rebuilt Adds a slew of new quests to rebuild Kvatch after the Oblivion attack. Better dungeons Caves and dungeons are more unique then ever. Each interior now has new.

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Just some maxed setting, gameplay footage, from my modded Oblivion game. 4GB ram ATI Sapphire Radeon 5770 Vapour-X Intel Pentium Dual 2.00GHz All credit to t.. This is a video of my heavily modified Oblivion. Its a fight with a group of goblins guarding an abandoned mine. About halfway through the fight, a hill giant sees us and joins the fray. My. Venez découvrir tout ce qu'il faut savoir sur la partie : Quelques mods indispensables pour Skyrim du jeu The Elder Scrolls V : Skyrim dans son wiki Ce topic a pour simple vocation d'afficher des screenshots de votre oblivion moddé et de mettre la liste des mods utilisés (liens facultatif)Je n'ai pas encore fait le mien mais ça ne devrait. Jordan (Jo of JoBra gaming) playing Oblivion (Elder Scrolls IV)! This is a modded version of Oblivion; the mods are listed down below: Oblivion mod manager:.

022b ObiRig 6_05: Noise Replacer, Vegetation, Grass and

Archived. This topic is now archived and is closed to further replies. Lovers Creative: Oblivion Edition (post your screens) By Skagg, February 13, 2012 in Skagg, February 13, 2012 i The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion | Cheydinhal + mods: Enhanced Vegetation, All Natural, Enhanced Wate Oblivion.esm Beautiful People 2ch-Ed.esm All Natural Base.esm Oscuros_Oblivion_Overhaul.esm Knights - Revelation.esm Unofficial Oblivion Patch.esp UOP Vampire Aging & Face Fix.esp Oblivion Citadel Door Fix.esp DLCShiveringIsles.esp Unofficial Shivering Isles Patch.esp DLCBattlehornCastle.esp. Enhanced Economy v5.4.3.7z Enhanced Vegetation v1.1.7z Ethereal Armor Imperial Legion Edition v1.0.rar Exterior Actors Have Torches v1.32.7z Francescos Creatures and Items v5b1.7z Fundament R2.7z Golden Elven Armour v1.0.zip Golden Elven Weapons v1.0.zip GW71 Life Detect v1.0.zip Hammerfist Shiny Gold v1.1.zip Harvest Flora v3.0.1.zi

Aug 26, 2011 - The official site for The Elder Scrolls series, including The Elder Scrolls: Blades, coming fall 2018 -Enhanced Vegetation -Oblivion Grass Overhaul -Dissapearing Grass Fix be sure Imingrassseize=80 in your Oblivion.ini (Documents>my games> Oblivion). It should be 80 on default. -Trees&Flora 1 -Trees&Flora 2 -Doors&Flora -Improved Sign Dec 9, 2012 - This Pin was discovered by Kat Kool. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinteres Halo : Oblivion est un roman de Troy Denning édité par Simon & Schuster, annoncé le 8 mars 2019 et sorti le 24 septembre 2019.Il est la suite de Halo : Silent Storm et fait partie de la série A Master Chief Story.. Ce roman fait directement suite à Halo : Silent Storm et relate la bataille de Netherop, faisant intervenir un groupe de rebelles covenants, les loyalistes du Silent Shadow, l.

Trouve cette ligne dans le fichier Oblivion.ini dans Mes documents : STrackLevelUpPath=\\vault\TES4\LevelData\ Et change la en : STrackLevelUpPath 28. Install Enhanced Vegetation (via OBMM), then Plugins (110% size), then Darker Trunks (Wrye for Darker Trunks) 150% trees is the best just saying. 29. Instally LowPoly Grass (manual) 30. Install Dark Green Glass Armour 31. Install Insanity's Ebony Sword Replacer (manual) 32. Install AwesomeSauce Reflection Maps (manual) 33. Install Main Menu. The Oblivion masterlist. Contribute to boss-developers/oblivion development by creating an account on GitHub Ducks and Swans for Cyrodiil V 1.0 ===== This mod adds ducks and swans at lakes and ponds in Cyrodiil. Models and textures were made by Kaizit (username Stesha on the Nexus HRT Pack 1.3: Enhanced Edition | Ghosts Want Revenge 2: Superscary Edition. Winter Mod for GTA: Vice City. Guaranteed work and stability only of the official version of mod, that was released on Mod DB. Recommended to download mod only from this source. This text — reaction on cases when mod released on other site with repacked and changed archive. Distribute mod free but, please, do not ch

Skingrad | DDD ENB tweaked OBGE v3

Installer Natural Vegetation et Natural Habitat via le pack Natural Environments. Pour cela copier Natural_Habitat_by_Max_Tael.esp, Natural_Vegetation_by_Max_Tael.esp ainsi que les dossiers Textures, Meshes, et Sound en laissant le reste. Si vous décidez d'utiliser FPS Fix alors retirez Natural_Vegetation_by_Max_Tael.esp et remplacez le par celui de FPS Fix. 13. Installer Enhanced Waters et. The basic vegetation, directory Vegetation, unique parts of vegetation: 1 - Elm-tree 1 2 - Elm-tree 2 3 - Country trees 4 - Trees 1 5 - Trees 2 6 - Trees 3 7 - Oak-tree 8 - Cypress 10 - Huge trees 12 - Spruces 13 - Firs 14 - Redwoods 18 - Shrubs 20 - Badlands 21 - Flowers 22 - Pots 23 - Palms 24 - Garlands_P 31 - Joshua-tree 34 - DesShrubs 35 - Saguaro cactus 36 - DesRocks 37 - LQ Lods1 40. Modular Oblivion Enhanced Lichcraft; Moriarcis - Stadt der Toten; The Necromancer; The Path of the Druid; Ultimative Beschwörer; Sonstiges. Blades Mod; Barneys Imperiale Legion; German Hunter Mod ; Gorangas traveling merchant; Werwolf-Mod; Werewolfes: the curse of hircine . Zuletzt bearbeitet: 20. Januar 2012. Captain Donkey, das*sternchen*tala, Ademeyn und 46 anderen gefällt das. 23. März. First, you need to have the game, get the DRM-free GOTY Deluxe version from GOG.com. The mods below have been fully tested with the English version of the game. This guide may work with othe

This Mod changes the poor Vegetation of San Andreas to HQ one, but it doesn't break performace like Project Oblivion and it's bug free. Features of the 3.0 Version: 70% of the Vegetation are completely new. Again with HQ and MQ Grass. Still doesn't lag. Redone old vegetation. I released a new Addon. It replaces the vegetation which haven't been replaced in 3.0 version. So it 100% complete now. Bravil BrushUp is a medium overhaul. Some features coming along to the Player: -Extremely deadly and fast ammo - Player Ebony Arrows-an extremely effective bow - Player Ebony Bo

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  1. allora (o potentissimi answeriani) rispondete a questo grande quesito, come è vostro solito fare: ora mi accingerò a farvi un elenco di tutti i mod di oblivion che io ho nel mio computer, avete capito eh? ok eccole qui: Tamriel Travellers, Adv Script, Faction All, Items Vendor IWRRetrofitted Master, Lights, Windows, Shutters Realistic Blocking More Lockpicks No More How Many Prompts Carrying.
  2. EroR43 replied to puddles's topic in Downloads - Oblivion Adult & Sex Mods.
  3. ・MO -【グラフィック05】Enhanced Vegetation v1.1 ・MO -【グラフィック06】Oblivion Grass Overhaul v3.2 ・MO -【グラフィック07】DOWNPOUR - rain retexture ・MO -【グラフィック08】atmospheres version 2 (No.esp) ・MO -【グラフィック99】Really AEVWD v1.9.2 ※通常はOFF 天候・環
  4. Description: Natural Environments is my personal attempt to enhance and improve environmental components of Elder's Scrolls IV. The 2.1 version of the mod includes dozens of features: seasonal weather patterns, improved visualization of most celestial features found in the game, more than 40 new weather types (the default number is 7), and additional ambient wildlife species, such as birds and.
The Elder Scrolls IV: Shivering Isles

HRT Pack 1.3: Enhanced Edition — is a modification which improves game graphics by replacing old textures for better quality. Main textures of Las Venturas, Los Santos, San Fierro and some parts of the countryside have been reworked. HRT Pack 1.3: EE (manual installation) Location Games: Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas: Mods: HRT Pack 1.3: Enhanced Edition: Files. Filename HRT_Pack_1.3. I'm having trouble with installing a female body replacer. I'm using TGND. I've installed it accordingly but the body won't show up in-game. Instead I get t.. Oblivion ; Greenie's Pink Trees Facebook; Twitter; Greenie's Pink Trees v1.0 (0 reviews) Sign in to follow this . Followers 0. By Khettienna. Find their other files; 9 Screenshots. SRT3+Project Oblivion Tutorial Jun 29 2010 Installers Tutorial 2 comments. This New Tutorial will explain how to make SRT+Project Oblivion 2007HQ to make them both in such way to work, losing the problems of getting your game.. Oblivion Script Extender (OBSE) v0019b The next piece of the puzzle is OBSE, this is a plugin for the Oblivion engine that allows people to extend its functionality. This build uses it for a few different things, mainly to improve stability and enhance graphics. It's trivial to install, just unzip into the Oblivion folder. The Steam version.

5. Enhanced Blood. Real looking blood right? The blood will ooze and spray with this mod. No longer will the blood resemble that of a terrible 80's horror film, it will freely flow and drip in a realistic fashion. PS4/XBOX/PC. How mod improves game play. Create realistic blood spatter; Makes blood look more liquid instead of a strawberry jam. I registered an unusual increase in CTDs recently, and they always occur in two specific situations: 1. My character is threatened by nearby or distant enemies, and the combat music plays almost continously (Im in a FCOM environment with average spawn rates). 2. (Less frequent) As soon as I try t..

Enhanced Vegetation Exterior Actors have Torches Enhanced Water HDMI Harvest Flora Extra Bathing Mod Explosives Gameplay Deadly Reflex Hear no Evil OblivionXP Realistic Leveling nGCD. A while ago, someone suggested one of the Weather Mods as being quite good-- unfortunately, since then I've re-installed Oblivion and updated my Mod list somewhat. What I was wondering, then, is if anyone could suggest a few good weather/nature Mods? I'm thinking of things that deal with the actual weather (like making it rain. snow, seasons, et cetera), and things that affect the flora-- and. Dionysus was given a place in his grandmother's court as a minor vegetation god. Yet, as his powers grew, Dionysus' original memories began to return to him. He became haunted by phantom pains of limbs being torn off in his walking hours and plagued by nightmares in his sleep. Going mad, Dionysus became obsessed with finding a way to numb the pain and cloud his mind. To that end, Dionysus.

Enhanced_Magic_Effects-9424.zip Enhanced_Water_v20-8011.zip Get_Wet_1_1-10803.zip Harvest_Flora_v3_0_1-2037.zip Initial_Glow-5138.rar Natural_Environments-2536.zip Rainbows_in_Tamriel_v3_OMOD-8927.omod Visually_Relistic_Lava-9820.7z 4 Qarls_Webs-8254 BellesBouteilles.7z book_jackets_vf.7z carte_de_cyrodiil_couleur_et_en_relief.7 THE ELDER SCROLLS IV OBLIVION 2016 - 10 years of Oblivion. One of the most atmopsheric games ever made looks a bit outdated if you should play it now unmodded. (the game itself is from 2006, so that explains a lot) This 2016 graphics tutorial is my biggest project so far. It gave me sleepless nights, but after a month testing, I can now present you the Oblivion 2016 ultimate graphics tutorial. Xbox One X Enhanced games will bring out the very best in Microsoft's powerful high-end console. These games come in all shapes and sizes - exclusive or multiplatform, current or backwards. Oblivion Grass Overhaul - Ferretmyster Spell Delete And Item Remove Expanded Greetings Adense Epic Dungeon - GrandDukeAdense, David Brasher Enhanced Vegetation - Low Res Textures Vibrant Weather Tears of the Fiend Enhanced Hotkeys Cloud Ruler Temple Alive - Drahenne Dark Arts of The Left-Hand Path - Ragna Higharc Frostcrag Reborn - Indefianc Besides endowing the game with more enhanced surroundings like natural weather, habitat, water, and vegetation, the software also apparently, fixes many small glitches like muddy underwater vision.

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  1. Oblivion.esm GTAesgaard_2.esm underdark.esm SC_Drow Race.esm Portal.esm HorseCombatMaster.esm AGC-TARDISv5mstr.esm TARDISMaster.esm AGC-TARDISMaster.esm NNWAEMaster.esm CM Partners.esm Silgrad_Tower_T.esm TRoN.esp Unofficial Oblivion Patch.esp UOP Vampire Aging & Face Fix.esp Oblivion Citadel Door Fix.esp DLCShiveringIsles.esp Unofficial Shivering Isles Patch.esp SI Public Music.esp Natural.
  2. Avec la sortie de Skyrim Special Edition, le Modding pour le dernier Elder Scrolls à fait une entrée fracassante sur PS4 et Xbox One. Les Mods disponibles sont pour le moment moins nombreux que sur PC, mais le choix reste tout de même très conséquent. Dans ce tuto Skyrim Special Edition, nous reviendrons rapidement sur la méthode permettant d'installer les Mods sur PS4 et Xbo
  3. Jill Biden is on track to become the first Italian-American first lady, and the village in Sicily her great-grandfather left for the United States plans to use the connection to boost tourism and.
  4. Subventions de l'État aux associations Ce site vous permettra de consulter de façon détaillée les subventions faites aux associations entre 2010 et 2018 (publié dans les PLF Jaunes entre 2012 et 2020)
  5. A lire sur jeuxvideo.com : Planescape Torment est considéré par la plupart des rôlistes comme le RPG le mieux scénarisé de l'histoire, rien que ça ! Conçu par Black Isle Studio, qui sortait.
  6. },

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Enhanced Vegetation [110%].esp Quest Award Leveling - Finger of the Mountain.esp Kobu's Skip Intro Mod.esp More_Arrows_Recovered-2169.esp _burning_kvatch.esp DS Flaming Arrows.esp ImpeREAL City Unique Districts Fix.esp TQ1-loveletters.esp qNS3-inventrix.esp tq3-Blood-and-Gold.esp Map Marker Overhaul.esp Map Marker Overhaul - SI additions.esp Cobl Glue.esp Cobl Si.esp Cobl Tweaks.esp Cobl Races. As Shai'Halal enables the connection, a titanic digital voice booms in Imperious' helmet and it says, |-ARE YOU OF THE GREEN AND THE RED?OR ARE YOU OF THE GREEN AND BLACK? HAVE YOU COME TO FEED US OUR TRIBUTE, OR ARE YOURSELVES OUR TRIBUTE Enhance your FINAL FANTASY XIV experience with the Guildwork Client! Download now—it's free!. Yes, it starts at 6:00 a. It looks like the narrative is going to kick off here on the back of border conflict between the Eorzean Alliance and the Garlean Empire, but the patch is going to bring a lot more than just more Main Story Quests (MSQ) for lore nerds. LootCaveCo. 2 special site: https://eu.

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  1. Oblivion: Ingredients - The Unofficial Elder Scrolls Pages
  2. Is Oblivion Reloaded compatible with Weather - All Natural
  3. can anyone suggest a good HD texture mod :: The Elder
Oblivion Clarity - 「Enhanced Vegetation」遠景・近景の木の見た目の違いを減らしAlternate Tamriel - Svartalfheim (Norse Mythology) PLUStales of the enchanted forest | Tumblr
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