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Sleaford Mods 'The Demise of Planet X' Global Livestream. Saturday 9 January, live from Village Underground. ON SALE NOW! SPARE RIBS LP (ORANGE VINYL) - one pressing. $22.40. SPARE RIBS LP (BLACK VINYL) $22.40. SPARE RIBS (CASSETTE) - limited edition. $14.93. SPARE RIBS CD (CD) $14.93. MORK N MINDY SOCKS (UK SIZE 7-11) $17.92 SPARE RIBS T-SHIRT (GREEN) Sold Out. Pre-order now SPARE. The time has come for you to fuck off. . Nottingham. 120 Tracks. 10098 Followers. Stream Tracks and Playlists from Sleaford Mods on your desktop or mobile device

Jobseeker by Sleaford Mods, released 02 June 2015 1. Jobseeker 2. 14 Day Court 3. Black Monda Ibiza feat. Sleaford Mods by The Prodigy, released 30 March 201 Donkey (sleaford mods) Ambient Space re-work by Man (()), released 31 October 201 The British punk-hop duo Sleaford Mods are really a trio: vocalist Jason Williamson, producer/professional button-pusher Andrew Fearn, and Williamson's water bottle Sleaford Mods est un groupe de post-punk britannique, originaire de Nottingham, en Angleterre. Il comprend le chanteur Jason Williamson et le musicien Andrew Fearn (depuis 2012) [5]. Ils sont connus entre autres pour leur style musical minimaliste [1]. Le duo compte plusieurs albums félicités par la presse spécialisée [2], [6], [7. Biographie. Le chanteur Jason Williamson, né en 1970 [8.

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Rezo Phantom Deux Rockers lâchent leurs guitares pour expérimenter la scène avec des machines. C'est à travers un set electro-pop mélangeant sons analogiques et artefacts numériques, que Rezo Phantom téléscope les genres sur le dance floor. Initial data EP, released 02 December 2017 1. Initial Data <Dirt Mix> 2. Silly me <;Sleaford Mods cover> 3 Les prolifiques Sleaford Mods (aka Jason Williamson et Andrew Fearn) sont de retour avec 'Spare Ribs', leur 6e album à paraitre chez Rough Trade. Traitant comme à leur habitude de sujets sociétaux et polémiques, le duo revient notamment sur la... Lire la suite. Vinyle album - Rough Trade - janvier 2021 Article en précommande disponible à partir du 15 janvier 2021. Livraison à partir. See all artists, albums, and tracks tagged with mod on Bandcamp

Handsome Tours is elated to announce that the UK's Sleaford Mods are finally making their way to Australia playing a run of headline dates and festivals through February and March 2020. *VENUE UPGRADES AND SECOND SHOWS ANNOUNCED* As one of the most important, politically charged and thought-provoking bands in music today, Sleaford Mods have been running crass but clever commentary on The. Music video by Roger Sargent. Sleaford Mods performing 'Discourse.' Jason Williamson - Discourse chapters that dark silence in the vaults of the unskilled w.. Tell Das jüngste Mikrowellengericht, released 07 September 2012 1. Universalfernbedienung 2. Stundenhotel 3. Mikrowellengericht 4. Zeitsoldaten (feat. James P Honey & James Reindeer) 5. Bremse 6. Leitplanke (feat. Manuskript) 7. Die Herbstzeitlose

Sleaford Mods, Soundtrack: Break Clause. Sleaford Mods started in 2006 whilst Jason Williamson was living in Nottingham. Born out of part frustration/part accident, it quickly found its feet as an aggressive verbal onslaught on all that is contrived and connected to the day-to-day hammer of low paid employment and domestic situations arising from that trap Jobseeker by KRAAK, released 02 June 201 Sleaford Mods are an English music duo based in Nottingham, composed of vocalist Jason Williamson and musician Andrew Robert Lindsay Fearn (since 2012). They are known for their abrasive, minimalist musical style and embittered explorations of austerity-era Britain, culture, and working class life, delivered in Williamson's thick East Midlands accent. The duo have released several albums to.

Sleaford est une paisible commune anglaise du Lincolnshire située non loin de Grantham où est né Jason Williamson un jour de 1970. Féru de rock, de rap, de metal et de rave parties durant l'adolescence, l'ancien mod s'essaie au chant au sein du groupe Unity Crescent et s'immisce en solo sur des productions de Spiritualized et de Bent Electric Music by The Wolfhounds, released 03 July 2020 1. Can't See The Light 2. Like Driftwood 3. Song Of The Afghan Shopkeeper (After Ben Judah) 4. Lightning's Going To Strike Again 5. and Electric Music 6. The Roaches 7. Pointless Killing 8. Stand Apart 9. We Don't Believe Anything 10. Can't See The Light (radio edit) The Wolfhounds are back and better than ever with their new '. Magneto (single) by THE GHOST OF BELA LUGOSI, released 29 November 2020 1. Magneto The evolution of Lugosi..... Pure adult sleaze & dance-punk...short & sweet. Fans of Experimental Underground Sleazy Dirty Dark Dance Synth Punk Music....Vibes 0f The Presets,Viagra Boys, Sleaford Mods, Baxter Dury, Etc.. This dark back street alley club is where.

Sleaford Mods. 98,357 likes · 6,857 talking about this. Best band in the lan Sleaford Mods lead barker Jason Williamson is back with his third book of stories and things following his lyrics book Grammar Wanker and Slabs From Paradise. This time it's about really grim things like dogging places, shit pubs, appalling housing, twats, people fighting, lowlife scum, arses, really bad precincts, bricks, dogs on housing.

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  1. ing the current political situation in the United Kingdom focusing on opposition to austerity.The film was crowdfunded through Indiegogo
  2. Taken from Sleaford Mods' album 'English Tapas', out 3rd March on Rough Trade Records. Buy here: http://smarturl.it/EnglishTapas **Pre-orders from the Rough.
  3. Taken from Sleaford Mods' T.C.R EP, out now on Rough Trade Records: https://shopusa.roughtraderecords.com/tcr-epStream T.C.R on Spotify and Apple Music:.

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  1. Silly me <Sleaford Mods cover> by Rezo Phantom, released 02 December 201
  2. aries as Gary Numan, DAF, Juan Atkins, Kenny Larkin & Glenn Underground. Piss Business & Alan Minter by Machineyfied feat. Jason Williamson [Sleaford Mods], released 25 May 2015 1
  3. Sleaford Mods on Bandcamp. Electro punk duo from Nottingham, whose music deals in working class life and culture and austerity-era Britain. Influenced by mod culture, the Wu-Tang Clan, rave and.
  4. NoUgHtToSiXtY. England, UK. Sex Pistols, Beastie Boys, Tupac , Sleaford Mods, Carter USM, Johnny Cash, Blur, Queen i like to mix shit up and be different, Hip Hop sounds all the same, nowadays..Its boring with no life.. you either get this shit or you dont NouGhTtOsIxT
  5. Sleaford Mods/The Lowest Form/Guilty Parents - The Chameleon, Notts - 18/01/14 Quotations are useful in periods of ignorance or obscurantist beliefs. - Guy Debord, Society of the Spectacle . Sleaford Mods: born 2006, Nottingham. Initially, vocalist Jason Williamson venting over recycled punk rock loops. Post-2009: a duo, following the arrival of Andrew Fearn, on laptop, lager & e.

Noseholes. Hamburg, Germany. Fr 03.05.18 Berlin Columbia H./ Sleaford Mods 14.09.18 Leipzig / Stereo Total 21.10.18 Siegen / The EX 08.03.19 Köln Club Berlin / Tics 09.03.19 Frankfurt Klapperfeld 30.03.19 Kiel Hansa 48 27.09.19 France Paris Espace B 30.09.19 Belgien Gent Trefpun Avec Eton Alive, Sleaford Mods sort son album le plus sombre et diversifié.Jason Williamson et Andrew Fearn, au sommet de leur popularité prennent pourtant un énorme risque.Après avoir bénéficié des infrastructures de Rough Trade, ils ont choisi de revenir à l'indépendance pour tout gérer eux mêmes.Dans cet entretien accordé à Addict-Culture, Jason revient sur ce choix qu'il.

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Martes GuaGua Alberto Con Rico...fiebres de aldea (2) by Martes Guagua de Alberto Báscones entrevistando a Rico Roces (2), released 07 December 2020 1. ricoroces2 temas: - Abbe Lane: Pan amor y cha cha chá. - Los Archiduques : No le ames. - The Beatles: Tomorrow never Knows. - David Bowie: ; Time A Little Ditty c/w Im Shit At It by Sleaford Mods, released 04 September 2015 Yes, we released a Sleaford Mods 7inch 5 years ago! Exclusive BSide not available elsewhere. Last physical copies. No digital Aujourd'hui, une bande de gros punks venus du Lot et Garonne qui s'est donné pour mission de devenir la version occitanique des Sleaford Mods. Certains viennent au monde pour composer des triples albums qui passeront un jour à la postérité dans un livre collector du petit-fils de Philippe Manœuvre ; d'autres se lèvent le matin - vers 14H00 - pour écrire des chansons où. Billy Nomates. 4.4K likes. Musician. Lone Ranger. Daft dog. Management | claire.ormiston@yahoo.co.uk Bookings | steve.nickolls@unitedtalent.co Sleaford Mods — Spare Ribs (rough trade) It's been nearly six years since I was first captivated by Sleaford Mods on Jools Holland. One man pressed the spacebar of a laptop and a gritty.

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  1. imalist musical style and embittered explorations of austerity-era Britain, culture, and working class life, delivered in Williamson's East Midlands accent. [1
  2. Sleaford Mods - Don't Wanna Disco Or 2 Bandcamp New & Notable Jun 22, 2018. go to album. Sing High! Sing Low! by The Silver Field. Coral Rose creates a mesmerizing, melancholic, psychedelic sound-world from tape loops, flickering snapshots of a story of human growth. Bandcamp New & Notable Jun 16, 2020. go to album. Infinity Machines by Gnod. supported by 41 fans who also own The World.
  3. Cafe Mor by Scorn, released 15 November 2019 1. Elephant 2. The Lower The Middle Our Bit 3. Mugwump Tea Room 4. Never Let It Be Said 5. Who Are They Which One 6. Dulse 7. Talk Whiff (featuring Jason Williamson) 8. SA70 The first LP from Scorn since 2010's Refuse; Start Fires, Cafe Mor is Mick Harris in his happy place. Which just happens to be in studio, demolishing all standards and rules.
  4. Type: Group, Founded: 2006 in Nottingham, Area: Nottingham. members: Andrew Fearn (from 2012 to present): original members: Jason Williamson (from 2007 to present: lead vocals): spoken vocals [John Paul] support by
  5. Bored To Be Wild (Sleaford Mods mix) by Listing Ships, released 08 April 201
  6. Voir tous les liens bandcamp (6018) Skip to the navigation. Skip to the content. Rechercher : Sleaford Mods - All That Glue. 1. McFlurry 2 . Snake It 3 . Fizzy 4 . Rich List 5 . Jobseeker 6 . Jolly Fucker 7 . Routine Dean 8 . Tied Up in Nottz 9 . Big Dream 10 . Blog Maggot 11 . Tweet Tweet Tweet 12 . Tarantula Deadly Cargo 13 . Fat Tax 14 . Slow One's Bothered 15 . Revenue 16 . Rochester 17.

https://f4.bcbits.com/img/0019728656_10.jpg https://f4.bcbits.com/img/0019511069_100.png https:// roughtraderecords.bandcamp.com / artist Sleaford Mods ye un grupu de música inglés de un estilu punk lletrónico. Esta pareya formóse nel 2007 en Nottingham.La banda ta formada por vocalista Jason Williamson y, dende 2012, pol músicu Andrew Fearn., son conocíos por la so crudeza, minimalismu musical y la so amarga experiencia de la Era d'Austeridá Británica, cultura, y vida de clase obrera, too ello col marcáu acentu de les. Entre basses rugueuses ou bondissantes et rythmes impitoyables ou lancinants. Petit retour en arrière : c'est en 2007, après avoir bourlingué au sein de diverses formations locales, que Jason Williamson se lance, seul, sous le pseudo Sleaford Mods (alors qu'il n'a rien à voir avec la ville ni le courant musical évoqués, mais le nom « sonne bien ») pour laisser exploser sur scène.

Magneto by THE GHOST OF BELA LUGOSI, released 29 November 2020 1. Magneto The evolution of Lugosi..... Pure adult sleaze & dance-punk...short & sweet. Fans of Experimental Underground Sleazy Dirty Dark Dance Synth Punk Music....Vibes 0f The Presets,Viagra Boys, Sleaford Mods, Baxter Dury, Etc.. This dark back street alley club is where the. Sleaford Mods ☭ Bunch Of Kunst. 6 octobre 2020. Interviews; Dossiers; Chroиiques. Chroиiques Tout voir. SMASHING PUMPKINS ︎ Cyr. 7 décembre 2020. METZ ︎ Atlas Vending. 8 octobre 2020. IDLES ︎ Ultra Mono. 19 septembre 2020. Live яeports. Live яeports Tout voir. GLASS ANIMALS ★ LIVE IN THE INTERNET. 23 octobre 2020 . DIIV ★ La Gaité Lyrique. 22 mars 2020. Il Giorno Della Scommessa [HysM?148] by Atomik Gorilla, released 03 December 2020 1. Onanology (Sulla Bomba Kebab) 2. Il Maresciallo Ryno Kabuto 3. Lockdown Leggero (H To Madar) 4. Le Persone Sono Notti Più Strane 5. Tutti Noi Siamo Esseri Tenebrosi + Bèlo Lugosi This is an ineffable album starring Massimiliano Sorrentini and Francesco Li Puma (two guys who know it short) and that you can.

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Sleaford Mods are one of the most important, politically charged and thought-provoking duos currently making their mark on the UK music scene and beyond. They are now poised to release their fifth studio album entitled 'Eton Alive' in February 2019. Eton Alive speaks for itself really. Here we are once again in the middle of another elitist plan being digested slowly as we wait to be. HA Chu by Pan Amsterdam, released 02 October 2020 1. Toot My Own Horn... 2. Trix (Prod. Malik Ameer) 3. Tea, of Course with Iggy Pop 4. Hannibal Lecture. Feat. Jason Williamson (Prod. Coup Diablo) 5. I Love Duck 6. Carrot Cake (Prod. GUTS) 7. Kun G Chicken (Prod. Mr. Shn) 8. The Music Made The Decision 9. Dried Saliva (Prod. Malik Ameer) 10 How the fuck do you delete your bandcamp account. Fuckin thing Bored To Be Wild (Sleaford Mods mix) by Idle Fret, released 08 April 201 Sleaford Mods . Message Bookmarked. Bookmark Removed So, Mr. Williamson, what have you done in order to find gainful employment since your last signing-on date? FUCK ALL. I sat around the house wanking. ― everyday sheeple (Michael B), Thursday, 27 February 2014 19:35 (six years ago) link. Love these guys. ― emil.y, Thursday, 27 February 2014 19:41 (six years ago) link. yeah theyre.

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Sleaford Mods plus calme ? J'ai l'impression d'avoir déjà eu ce discours. Non, pas plus calme dans les textes, mais dans la façon des les faire sonner quoi que. On va dire que leur boîte à rythmes tape d'une manière un peu plus entraînante, moins bourrage de crânes, même si Into The Payzone est le mauvais exemple pour démarrer - il y a le son d'une perceuse. Swell is the debut album by Marske, a spoken-word performer, musician and visual artist originally from the North East of England. Written and produced with fellow North Eastern music-maker Man Power (aka Geoff Kirkwood) and released on Me Me Me, Swell is available digitally and as a special limited edition 12 record, featuring a gatefold sleeve designed by Marske 20 août 2016 - Cette épingle a été découverte par Lucile. Découvrez vos propres épingles sur Pinterest et enregistrez-les As they come to the end of 32 dates supporting Sleaford Mods around the UK Manchester post-punk band LIINES are set to release single On and On via independent label Reckless Yes on Friday 24 May. Building on their trademark sound of relentlessly rhythm-driven tracks with soaring vocals and strikingly spacious melody On and On finds the band at their best. Stream/playlist and buy now: Spotify.

Politically-charged electronic duo Sleaford Mods have released a new single and video, Shortcummings, from their upcoming album Spare Ribs, out January 15 via Rough Trade Records.. The song references the former Chief Advisor to the U.K.'s Prime Minister Boris Johnson, Dominic Cummings, who led the 2016 referendum campaign for Britain to leave the EU Oct 1, 2014 - This Pin was discovered by NEORETRO tumblr. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinteres Creep [Single] by Murmurs Of December, released 01 March 2021 1. Creep 2. Hypo 3. Quite Taken Taken from the album, 'Less Than Nowhere. Smart world trace comme un Sleaford Mods, entre rythme sec et instrumental nerveux, dans un premier temps. Ses guitares font preuve d'ardeur, on est à nouveau dans un répertoire speedé mais estimable. On y jouit, en plus, de motifs sonores à relever (Individuality), l'énergie est omniprésente et inonde le disque. Smart man flirte avec le rock'n'roll, on se rend compte qu'à l. It's been 45 min, it's listening like a story and it's out on Soudcloud, Bandcamp and YouTube. We're waiting for your feedback, take care of yourself, see you soon! Translated. TRACKLIST: 1- Intro 2- COPY - Isaac 3- DEEP MODE - Isaac 4- BABYLON AGO FALL - Kri des Singes (Ishiban Remix) 5- OLDI OMEGA - Isaac ft. Mistah Ben 6- Interlude 7- MCFLURRY - Sleaford Mods (Isaac Remi. soundcloud.com.

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  1. La plupart des albums recensés sont accompagnées d'un lien d'écoute bandcamp. 12 mars 2021. Cory Hanson - Pale Horse Rider. 5 mars 2021. Jane Weaver - Flock Michael Feuerstack - Harmonize the Moon. 26 février 2021. DMX Krew - Loose Gears Glitterer - Life Is Not A Lesson Nightshift - Zöe Arman Méliès - Laurel Canyon Plankton Wat - Future Times A Winged Victory for the.
  2. Piss Business & Alan Minter by Machineyfied feat. Jason Williamson [Sleaford Mods], released 25 May 2015 1. Piss Business 2. Alan Minter NGland presents Machineyfied featuring Jason Williamson (Sleaford Mods). Inspired by the alienation through unskilled labour low wages, disillusion with the idea of rock stars, of greed and homage to figures from childhood
  3. OVER EGGIN' IT (feat. Jason Williamson of SLEAFORD MODS) by MONGRELS, released 03 September 201
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Poised to blow the cobwebs off life and unleash some much-needed wit and charm upon us, Nottingham-based duo Sleaford Mods announce the release of their astonishing sixth studio album, entitled Spare Ribs, out via Rough Trade January 15th 2021.. New single, 'Mork n Mindy' featuring Billy Nomates is out now. The official video, which was directed by Ben Wheatley (whose latest body of work. SLEAFORD MODS › Mork N Mindy Use this link on Bandcamp, Twitter, Mixcloud and your own blog/web site. For YouTube and Soundcloud, see below. Embed/share player. copied. Share the player for this release by copying the HTML below to your website or blog. Copy. Create banner. Facebook . Soundcloud buy link. Add a buy button to your tracks and playlists by clicking the pencil icon below the. Gorgeous matte finish eco-wallet from Discmakers, featuring art by Mindy Sizemore and layout by Noel Mueller. Includes unlimited streaming of Smiling Lines via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more Respondent (mini-LP) [DIAG043] by Russell Haswell, released 02 February 2018 1. The Surface Is Unrevealing 2. First In Man (Williams Mix) 3. Worsening Daily 4. Special Long Version (Demo) feat. Sue Tompkins 5. Let Suffering Become You Russell Haswell returns to Diagonal with a new five-track mini-album called Respondent. Not quite an EP nor long enough for a full album, this record marks a. Billy Nomates Musician. Management | claire.ormiston@yahoo.co.uk Bookings | steve.nickolls@unitedtalent.com Instagram | @iambillynomates Facebook | @billynomatestor Twitter | @_billy_nomates No, released 20 February 2020 No is the greatest resistance No to your nothing existence No is a walk// No small talk No I don't think it looks better Yes we are stronger together but No is a power.

Includes unlimited streaming of Smiling Lines via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more. ships out within 3 days Buy Cassette £7 GBP or mor Review: Considering it was only last year when Sleaford Mods dropped their prized UK Top 10 LP 'Eton Alive' it's almost jarring they should now unveil a Best Of, of sorts.It's hardly time to reflect when you're one of the most vital acts in contemporary British pop. But then the record stands up on its own merit, too, more than living up to the name by offering an insight into the ties - or.


Includes unlimited streaming via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more. Fr 03.05.18 Berlin Columbia H./ Sleaford Mods 14.09.18 Leipzig / Stereo Total 21.10.18 Siegen / The EX 08.03.19 Köln Club Berlin / Tics 09.03.19 Frankfurt Klapperfeld 30.03.19 Kiel Hansa 48 27.09.19 France Paris Espace B 30.09.19 Belgien Gent Trefpunt more. chuchurecords.com. Sleaford Mods ☭ Bunch Of Kunst. 6 octobre 2020. Interviews; Dossiers; Chroиiques. Chroиiques Tout voir. METZ ︎ Atlas Vending. 8 octobre 2020. IDLES ︎ Ultra Mono. 19 septembre 2020 . Fontaines DC ︎ A Hero's Death. 16 juillet 2020. Live яeports. Live яeports Tout voir. GLASS ANIMALS ★ LIVE IN THE INTERNET. 23 octobre 2020. DIIV ★ La Gaité Lyrique. 22 mars 2020. OTHER LIVES. Over the past few years Sleaford Mods have become one of the most intractable British pop stories. One of its best. Their music is drawn at a flawless fault-line of anger, tenderness and humour, a triumvirate of raw energy which frequently jostles in the space of a cadence for supremacy. On record you can hear their sinews, live you can touch. tweet tweet tweet (Sleaford Mods - Cover) by Sicker Man, released 11 November 201

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In A Room EP by Gad Whip, released 13 October 2017 1. In A Room 2. Fun Fair Fish 3. Grey Scale Quiche 4. Train Song Part 2 Bil Amos - Bass Geoff Bolam - Synths Pete Davies - Vocals & Other Bits Lee Drinkall - Drums & Guitars Recorded February 2017 in Sasquatch Studios, Huddersfield, Arse-Of-The-Bag Studios, Mirfield and Draughty Caravans Inc somewhere in Lincolnshire lp 4 by heavy metal, released 20 october 2019 1. savagely beaten by funk 2. it's only suicide 3. 6 bergadler & a microphone 4. baby you're so vile 5. kick out the jams 6. black helicopter 7. gasmask factory 2 8. crazy town 9. sonnenschein Übermensch 10. frank spencer 11. mf golf (feat. ice genius brainiac) 12 La vaste gamme d'idées, de projets et de goûts qu'ont les gens derrière Sleaford Mods signifie que la musique peut se propager très largement et au-dessus de toute notion de genre pour, potentiellement, toucher un public massif. La plupart des groupes se confinent dans leur zone de confort, mais pas Sleaford Mods. La variété des groupes qui ont joué avec nous découle de cette idée. On. Co chystá Sleaford Mods? Na GoOut zjistíš všechny novinky, koncert, nejnovější info, vstupenky a více. Kompletní program na Listopad 2020 a dále Sleaford Mods. Buy Sleaford Mods at Juno Records. In stock now for same day shipping. Sleaford Mods. 100% Compra Segura. Studio equipment. Our full range of studio equipment from all the leading equipment and software brands. Guaranteed fast delivery and low prices. Visit Juno Studio. 100% Compra Segura . DJ equipment. Our full range of DJ equipment from all the leading equipment and software.

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This double album compilation of early recordings by Sleaford Mods is undersold by head-Mod Jason Williamson in the sleevenotes. For the rest of us it's a riotously fun and relentlessly scabrous hour and a half of joy. If you've heard the more recent albums Austerity Dogs and Divide and Exit you'll know roughly what to expect - wit, aggression, recreational swearing and sometimes painfully. 4. Sleaford Mods: Mork N Mindy (Feat. Billy Nomates) Two weeks ago English electronic punk duo, Sleaford Mods (Jason Williamson and Andrew Fearn) announced a new album, Spare Ribs, and shared its first single, Mork N Mindy, via a video for it. The song and video feature Billy Nomates.They also performed the song on Late Night with Seth Meyers Sleaford Mods started in 2006 by accident, initially as a solo vehicle for Jason, when he delivered a tirade over some loops. After a stint in London, he moved back to Nottingham in 2009 and soon after met Andrew Fearn, whose arrival resulted in a clear division of labour - Jason concentrated on the lyrics, with Andrew creating the beats and tunes Bandcamp New & Notable Sep 22, 2020. go to album. DISCO CREEP by Nachthexen. supported by 8 fans who also own DR-033 // P.M.S. (7) ℂℙ Gutted these girls never stayed around for longer. Saw them 3 x on the Sleaford Mods support slot, each time an a absolute pleasure Fat White Jen. go to album. Bandcamp Daily your guide to the world of Bandcamp. Camera by Blitzenbolt, released 02 October 2020 Drop the headphones down on my ears I don't wanna hear all these details These conversations are so mundane I'll watch this waiting room zoomed out Play, lift me away out of the everyday 'Cause right now I'm still above this Held in a soundtrack to our biopic Pulling right out of there Show me your lights And the Camera, roll the Camera.

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